Sharing data to understand our changing environment

SIP facilitates training in technologies for data sharing and management for government officials, professionals and stakeholders from the Lower Mekong region. ​

WE ENCOURAGE  partners and stakeholders to share data and information about hydrology, water use and socioeconomic conditions through our sister site, The site hosts more than 50 tools from 35+ partners on river basin mapping and hydrology, weather forecasting, and data analytics. was launched under the Mekong Water Data Initiative (MWDI), a $2.7 million cooperative effort announced by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in 2018. The MWDI promotes informed regional water and natural resources management. Its work is mandated by the Joint Statement to Strengthen Water Data Management and Information Sharing in the Lower Mekong, a 2018 commitment by the US, governments of countries in the Lower Mekong region, and partners and donors, including Australia, the EU, Japan, the Mekong River Commission, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, and the World Bank.

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