Improved Hydrologic and Hydraulic Decision Support for the Mekong Basin: Module 1

Monday 11 July to Friday 15 July 2022, 8.30 am to 4.30 pm ICT

This five-day training workshop is part of a collaboration project for ‘Improved Hydrologic and Hydraulic Decision Support for the Mekong Basin,’ supported by the US, Republic of Korea and Lower Mekong countries.

This is the third round of training in this series and the first in-person training since the global COVID-19 pandemic.  The event will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam. This is the first of two consecutive modules in this round.

The five-day training from 11-15 July will enable participants to analyze river systems using the HEC-River Analysis System (RAS) computer program. Participants will gain experience in developing computer models for mapping and management of rivers, floodplains and related hydraulic structures. On Friday, the use of modeling in a case study area from Chiang Saen, Thailand, to the Xayaburi dam in the northwest of Lao PDR will be demonstrated.

Cameron Ackerman, Dr Stanford Gibson and Mark Jensen from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) will lead the training.

Previous workshops on the use of hydrologic and hydraulic decision support tools took place in July 2021 and February 2022. Participation in this training is being offered to those who completed the earlier workshops in this series.

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