Women's participation

March 29, 2022

Women in Chiang Rai province, Thailand, speak about the ways in which unpredictable fluctuations in river levels have affected their livelihoods.

Water releases from upstream dams have disrupted the seasonal flood cycle that drives the Mekong fishery and ecosystems. In this video from the Mekong Community Institute (MCI), the women note impacts not only in the areas of fishing and riverbank gardening, but also in gold panning, transport, and foraging for traditional foods such as kai (river weed).

“No fish, no kai, so we have to become construction laborers,” says one woman.

"It was easier to get food in the past."

MCI recently received a community grant through Pact Thailand's 'Mekong Connections' program. The grant is for activities to strengthen women's networks in Chiang Rai province, conduct community-led research, and promote participation in public decision making.

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